Sunday, February 2, 2020

15 Places to Take Your Kids on a Cold Day

Brrrr! The cold is coming!! This week is going to be chilly!! We really can't complain because other parts of the state get much colder. But for us it is freezing! Here are 15 of my favorite indoor spots for kids of all ages to keep out of the cold and entertained.

#1 - St. George Children's Museum
This is a fun place for kids to discover and learn! It is probably best for ages 3 and up but my 1.5 year old has fun there too. There are different themed rooms throughout the entire place and they are constantly remodeling and adding new rooms. So much to explore! 

#2 - Story Time at the Library
All of the libraries in Washington County have story times. They are usually about an hour. They spend time singing, listening to stories, dancing and coloring! It's one of my favorite places to take my kids. You can find the story times by clicking here

#3 - Rosenbruch World Wildlife Museum
I hadn't been here in probably 15 years and just took my daughter on a one on one date there. It was much cooler than I expected!! It is not very big but she had a great time! It is the perfect place to walk around and they have an interactive children's room with puzzles, a tent, camping dishes and more that she loved. 

#4 - Fiesta Fun
Let your little one play the arcade games or just walk around and explore! There are little kid play areas in the bowling section. They also have the cutest dinosaur bowling helpers for little ones. Laser tag is also a great indoor option at Fiesta Fun.

#5 - Megaplex Theaters
A good movie is always a win! Even better if it is a movie your kids AND you enjoy! My personal favorite theater in the area is the Pineview Stadium 10 theater. But I will say...St. George movie theaters need a MAJOR upgrade!

#6 - St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm
I wish this was a little cooler of a place than it is...but I do feel like it is a must see at least one time. In my experience kids under 3 don't love it and it probably isn't a place you will spend hours but it is still a nice outing!

#7 - Tour the Brigham Young Home & Other Pioneer Homes
Depending on the age of your children this is a good option and teaches them some history about our area. I probably wouldn't recommend this for young children since they have smaller attention spans ;-) It isn't entirely indoors since part of the tour is outside but the majority of the tour is in the warm house :)

#8 - Swimming at the Washington Recreation Center & Sand Hollow Aquatic Center
Indoor swimming is a great option to get all the energy out of kids! It seriously wears them out! The Washington Recreation Center and Sand Hollow Aquatic Center are two great indoor pools. Pictured below is the Washington Recreation Center pool. 

#9 - Red Cliffs Mall
A little shopping for you and a little fun for your kids! The Red Cliffs Mall has fun games throughout the mall. Cornhole, chess and connect four were some games I saw. They also have different events quite often. My daughter loved their movie in the mall event they had a little while ago. Check their Facebook page often for events and also my upcoming events tab. Barnes & Nobel has weekly readings on Saturdays. My kids absolutely love the train set in the children's section of Barnes & Nobel. Lots to do in the mall!

#10 - Bowling!
Bowling is always a good time! I am absolutely terrible but I still love it for some reason. Sunset Bowl and Dixie Bowl are your typical classic bowling alleys. Sunset Bowl does have newer monitors though. It's been years since I've been to Dixie Bowl so I'm not sure what their set up is currently like. Fiesta Fun is also a good, newer bowling alley.

#11 - The Tilted Kiln
The Tilted Kiln offers classes or you can just go in and create whatever you'd like! You can actually make your own pottery or just paint what they already have made.  

#12 - Laser Mania
Laser Mania was remodeled last year and has laser tag (obviously), virtual reality, a 4D movie ride, bumper cards, an arcade and the only blacklight mini golf in St. George! This is a really fun place to spend your day. 

#13 House of Jump
Another great place to get all of your kids energy out! They recently remodeled and have some weekly offers and deals. Every Monday evening from 5-9 each jumper gets $3 off. Toddler Time is every Wednesday from 10-12 and Friday from 9-11. This is for kids 7 and under. JumpFit is every Tuesday at 9 am. This is a trampoline workout!   

#14 - St. George Recreation Center
This is another fun option for older kids! There isn't a swimming pool in this rec center but there is air hockey, a basketball court, board games, foosball, ping pong, pool tables, racquetball, volleyball & wally-ball.

#15 - Mystery Escape Room
Here's another good one for older kids! Let them use their brains and head on over to the Mystery Escape Room! They have different themed rooms to choose from. Be sure to book an appointment because space is limited!

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This is such a helpful post with so many fun things to do.

My kids helped me make St. George Playground Rank that I thought you would be interested to see.