Monday, April 30, 2018

Kanarraville Falls - Permit Now Required

Kanarraville Falls is one of my favorite hikes in Southern Utah! It has become so popular over the last few years. According to this article it is estimated that there were about 45,000 hikers in 2017 alone. That's crazy! Kanarra Creek is the main water source for the city of Kanarraville and with so many hikers walking through it they are experiencing problems with their water quality. In order to solve this problem and reduce the number of visitors they will be requiring permits to hike this trail beginning May 1, 2018.

This hike is great because you can make it as hard or easy as you want. If you get too tired you can take a break and the rest of your group can go ahead. Or you can turn around at any time. Although I do recommend going to the end just because it is so beautiful.   It's a good hike for older kids (ages 8 and over) and I've even seen some older people hiking it. Depending on how fit the older people are they should be able to do the hike.

There is a parking lot at the beginning of the trailhead. Parking is included in the price of the permit. The first mile or so is my least favorite part of the hike. It is pretty boring and can be very hot since you aren't in any shade. It can also be tiring because a lot of it is up hill. But keep going! I promise it will be worth it.

You will go through 3 different spots of water. The first is very small. The second is a little longer. And the third is also small. After about 1.25 miles into the hike you get to the main water. This is when the hike gets exciting! You can stay in the water throughout the majority of the hike or you can go up on the dirt trail along the side. I usually stay in the water for the majority of the time. The water is pretty cold at first but you get used to it after awhile. The water is usually only to the middle of my shins but there are times when it gets up to my knees.

Once you get to the narrows you know you are close to the first ladder. You will see trees growing out of the rocks which is so crazy to me! It is gorgeous.

Now you're at the first ladder and first waterfall! Don't be too intimidated by the ladder. It's really not as scary going up or coming down as you would think. And trust me...What is beyond it is so worth it!

Just a little bit past the first ladder you will come to an awesome natural slide! It is a rock that is covered in moss. It is really fun. Most people land on their feet when they go down it... Except for my mom... I'm not sure why she can't seem to do that ;-) She just goes straight under the water ha ha. You really should try it. It is really fun.


Next you'll come to the second ladder. A lot of people turn around here and don't go up. I like going a little bit further though because I think it's really pretty.

After you go up the second ladder you can hike on as far as you want to. I usually only go about another 15 minutes in. I stop when I get to a cool cave that is on my left. I'm not sure how much further the creek would go but if you get the itch to explore it I'm sure it would be fun but I don't think it would look much different than what you've already seen.

You head back the same way you came. Go down both ladders and through the narrows. You will see a flat rock next to a big rock on your left and the trees in front of you will start to get really thick (picture below). That's when you know you should get out of the water. Get out to the left of the creek. Then go past the barbed wire fence and follow the dirt trail until you get back to your car. Pretty simple.

Weather: It was in the high 80's when we went. As long as it is at least 80 degrees outside the water should be comfortable. Make sure you check the weather before you leave though because flash floods can be super scary in there.

Difficulty: Mild to moderate

Distance: Between 4 and 4.5 miles roundtrip

Pets: NO pets allowed

Location: Head north on I-15 from St. George. Take exit 42 to New Harmony/Kanarraville. Turn right onto Highway 144 and take your first left onto Old Highway 91. Continue about 4.5 miles and turn right onto 100 North. Travel on 100 North for about 3 blocks and you will see a sign for parking. The parking lot is on your left.

Cost: $9 per person.

Permit: Permit is required as of May 1, 2018 - It can be purchased in advance by clicking here

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Realtor Chantel said...

This is definitely my all time favorite hike. It is sad that it has gotten so busy. I hope that charging a fee will help bring the numbers down. We'll see . . . . Thanks for the information.