Tuesday, December 15, 2015

St. George Narrows at Pioneer Park

Over Thanksgiving weekend my family and I went to the St. George Narrows. Sometimes it is referred to as The Little Narrows, The Crack or The Red Crack...The last two names sound a little questionable to me ;-) I think I'll call it the St. George Narrows. The narrows are located in Pioneer Park (where Dixie Rock is).

My brother in law and his family do this mini hike a lot and have tried to talk me into it multiple times but I've always been too freaked out. I finally faced my fears and did it!! It was tight in some spots. There really is only one really tight spot at the beginning and when you get past that the rest isn't too hard. At the tight spot in the beginning my chest and back were touching the rock. After that I had a couple inches on both sides between the rock and my body. Kids go through this super easy! There were a bunch waiting for us as we were going through complaining that we were going too slow ;-) They don't understand how tight it is for us! Ha ha ha. It was funny.

It's kind of hard to explain where the entrance to the narrows is but I recommend entering the parking lot by the Red Hills Desert Garden and winding your way back and parking in one of the spots closer to the red rock. Below is a picture of the entrance to the narrows.

Towards the end you get to a spot that is a little more open and you can climb up and out of the rock at that point or you can continue going through the narrow section and get out that way. My mom, brothers and cousin went out the top of the rocks. It requires a little more upper body strength. I decided just to go out the narrows section.

Weather: 50's

Difficulty: Easy - Just don't be claustrophobic!

Pets: Dogs are allowed on a leash. You could probably take a small dog through but I would leave him/her with someone not going through.

Location: Pioneer Park
                Red Hills Pkwy
                St. George, UT 84770

Cost: FREE!

Permit: None

Website: http://www.sgcity.org/departments/leisureservices/parks/park.php?id=95


Realtor Chantel said...

This was so fun! I felt so accomplished after :-)

Claudine Cable said...

I was happy to just wait with Bo and walk around these beautiful red rocks.

Claudine Cable said...

Oh, and your pictures are great.