Monday, October 5, 2015

St. George Marathon

Watching the runners in the St. George Marathon was super inspirational! Marathons are an emotional experience. I loved watching the runners come in with smiles on their faces as they crossed that finish line! It was amazing to see those runners who were struggling to keep going and the other runners would stop and put their arm around them and help them finish.

I of course loved watching my brothers finish the most (sorry other runners). Chase and Mason started out together and ended up parting ways about half way. Chase had a hurt foot and had to slow down for a bit and he told Mason to keep going. Despite him slowing down he still came in around 25 minutes behind Mason. Super impressive! I am so proud of them and this huge accomplishment. They finished so strong! Here are a few of my favorite pictures of them. They are both wearing U of U shirts.

We stayed for the awards ceremony that happened at noon. Here are some of the first place winners.

The St. George Marathon is the first Saturday of October every year. If you weren't able to run or cheer on the runners this year you should try to make it next year. It's an awesome event!

Here's a video of my brothers at the end. We were a little excited :) Did any of you run??

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