Monday, October 12, 2015

Corn Maize Date Night!

It's Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Did you get out and enjoy some Fall festivities?? Seth and I went to the corn maize on Friday night. That was really fun. My only regret was that we went a little bit too early so it wasn't quite as dark as I wanted it to be. But we did beat the rush of people so that was a good thing. The weather was perfect and we got to see a gorgeous sunset. I wasn't brave enough to go through the Field of Screams. We stuck with the regular corn maize. Ha ha.

We didn't spend much time in Farmland because it is a lot more fun to be there with kids but we did walk around a little bit.

I did not believe Seth that these goats were real. Ha ha. They are fearless little guys!

Corn Maize & Farmland Hours: Monday - Thursday 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
                                                       Friday & Saturday Noon - 11:00 pm
                                                       October 15th & 16th Noon - 11:00 pm

Field of Screams Hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday Dark - 11:00 pm
                                         October 26th - 31st Open Every Day

Location: Staheli Family Farm
                3400 S Washington Fields Road
                Washington, UT 84780

Phone: (435) 673-4096

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Realtor Chantel said...

What are those goats doing? Guess they don't like everyone petting them. They needed some alone time.