Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Registration Deadlines!!

There are two registration deadlines coming up that you should be aware of. First off Huntsman World Senior Games registration ends September 1st. The games will be held on October 5th-17th. These games bring people from all over the world. There are opening and closing ceremonies that are open to the public and of course the public can also cheer on the athletes in the games. There are also a lot of volunteering opportunities. When I was younger my dance team and I performed in the opening and closing ceremonies. That was always a really fun experience.


Dates: October 5th - 17th

Link to register for the games:

Link to register to volunteer: (I think you can volunteer any time between now and the games. I don't think the September 1st deadline applies to this registration)

Registration fees: The amount for the registration varies depending on if you are registering as a team or athlete. You can get more information by clicking here

The second registration deadline you should be aware of is for the Salt to Saint cycling relay. The registration deadline for this event is August 31st. Now as you read this and this is the first time hearing about this relay you should probably be in tip top shape if you're going to register with this short of notice since the relay is September 25th - 26th. So you definitely need to be used to riding for long distances and pushing your body! If you're like me and get tired riding on your stationary bike in your air conditioned house after 20 minutes then you might want to be a spectator cheering them on and train for next year instead :)


Dates: September 25th - 26th

Link to register:

Registration fees: Solo rider $180 plus tax
                              Four riders $560 plus tax
                              Eight riders $1,000 plus tax

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