Tuesday, July 14, 2015

St. George LDS Temple & Visitors Center

One of my favorite spots in St. George is the LDS Temple. It is so gorgeous and the grounds are so peaceful. You can easily spend a couple hours there. There is plenty of shade for you to sit and enjoy a picnic lunch or enjoy the quiet. There are sidewalks you can wander around. You can't go inside the temple unless you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have something called a temple recommend. This is given to you by leaders of the church. Anyone is allowed on the grounds though or inside the visitors center, as long as you are being respectful.

The visitors center has a lot of fun things in it for all ages. They have a Christus (a large statue of Jesus Christ), a table of Books of Mormon in different languages, artwork, videos and plenty of people willing to listen to you and answer your questions. Last October a movie called Meet the Mormons was released in theaters. This movie shares stories of different members of the church and what their lives are like and what they believe. I really like this movie. If you haven't seen it or want to see it again you can watch it at the visitors center. It is about an hour and a half.

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