Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Playing Some Pickleball

For Seth's birthday last month I got him some pickleball stuff from my friend's husband's pickleball company called Pure Pickleball. I really love their pickleball stuff! I will definitely buy from them again (and no, nobody asked me to give a shoutout...It's just the truth!) If you want to buy from them click here.

Anyway...Seth has played a few times and has been loving it! I played for the first time last weekend at the Bloomington Park and thought it was way fun! Soooo much better than tennis. I've tried tennis before and it is a sad sight. Imagine me running around the court the entire match not once hitting the ball. No coordination. No skill. It's just sad :) But I can actually hit the ball in pickleball! And not only do I just hit it once I hit it several times in a row without missing! Woo!! I'm sure I am much more fun to play pickleball with than tennis. Maybe that's why Seth likes pickleball better than tennis ;-)

If you want to play some pickleball in St. George there are plenty of courts too play on. Below is a list of locations.

Pickleball Court Locations:
Vernon Worthen Park: 200 S 400 E, St. George, UT 84770

Little Valley Pickleball Complex: 2149 Horseman Park Drive, St. George, UT 84790

Bloomington Park: 650 W Man o War Rd, St. George, UT 84790

Green Springs Park: 1775 N Green Springs Drive, Washington, UT 84780

Hurricane Community Center: 63 S 200 W, Hurricane, UT 84737

To learn more about different leagues, clinics and lessons the City of St. George offers click here

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