Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sand Hollow Reservoir

Last week we went to the lake for the first time this summer. It was so good to be back! My mom and stepdad have waverunners that we take out. It's so much fun! My brothers, my brother's girlfriend, Seth, my mom and stepdad were all there. I love Sand Hollow. It is so gorgeous. They drained the water recently and that seems to have made a huge difference! The water was clearer and the beaches are a lot nicer. The only downside of the lake is Swimmers Itch. Yuck. I have never gotten it but my little brother (he's 15) got it this last time we went. Swimmers Itch gives you red dots on your skin. Zack (my little brother) said it itches. Hopefully it goes away soon!

Weather: Low 90's

Water Temperature: About 72 degrees

Day Use: $10 per vehicle up to 8 people
Senior Day Use:  $5 Seniors 62+ per vehicle up to 8 people.
Walk In: $4 per person
Annual Pass: $75 available for purchase at the entrance gate.
Senior Adventure Pass (Annual):  $35 available for purchase at the gate.
(taken from here)

Location: 3351 South Sand Hollow Road
               Hurricane, UT 84737

Phone: (435) 680-0715

Website: http://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/sand-hollow/park-fees/

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