Thursday, June 25, 2015

I LOVE Dixie Direct!

If you don't have a Dixie Direct card you are seriously missing out!! It only costs $35 and has HUNDREDS of 2 for 1 deals, freebies, and other discounts on just about everything in Southern Utah. The card expires on October 31st of every year. Even though October 31st is fast approaching you will still save money between now and then. It easily pays for itself. Seth and I can just go on one date night and it will be paid for and then we get to enjoy the savings for the rest of the life of the card. Woot woot! I get one every year. You won't be disappointed.

So how do you get a card? Easy. Click here and buy one online and have it shipped to you for free. Or if you are just too impatient and can't wait to have it shipped (like me) you can get a copy at any of the Elementary Schools in Washington County, Fabulous Freddy's, or any of the Maverik locations.

Cost: $35


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