Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lava Tubes at Snow Canyon State Park

In early April my family and I hiked to the Lava Tubes in Snow Canyon State Park. It was absolutely gorgeous! Bring flashlights and water! There isn't any shade on your way to the lava tubes but once you get there it's cool in the tubes. There are 3 different lava tubes that I am aware of. The one we went to was at the far end of the trail.

Weather: It was in the low 70's. The weather was perfect for hiking. At first when we started I thought I would be cold but it ended up being just right.

Difficulty: The hike to the lava tubes was pretty easy. There are some spots that you have to hike on sandstone which can sometime be slick if wet. Children and elderly should be able to do it if they have some help. Once you get past the sandstone you are on a dirt trail surrounded by rocks and shrubs. The lava tubes are a little more difficult. You have to do some climbing and have some drops down into the tubes. Once inside there are some places that you have to crouch down and aren't able to stand up straight. It is dark so bring flashlights! If you don't want to go down into the tubes you don't have to. It's still really cool looking in from above.

Distance: Approx. 1.25 miles round trip

Pets: Pets are not allowed

Location: Located in Snow Canyon State Park. Take the Butterfly Trail

Cost: $6 per vehicle (up to eight people); $3 per vehicle (up to eight people) Utah seniors 62 and older; $4 pedestrian/cyclists (up to eight people); $2 per person commercial use or vehicles with nine or more people (taken from here) Do you go to Utah State Parks often? You can purchase a one year Parks Pass at the park or here.

Permit: No permit required.

Phone: (435) 628-2255

Website: http://stateparks.utah.gov/parks/snow-canyon/


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